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40 Days of Real Change


Next Sunday 1st October:

We will be having a Prayer meeting at 9.45am,

followed by our morning service at 10.30am,

Week 3 of 40 days of real change. Tim Cracknell "Thorns".

In this special season, we will be focusing on how we can cooperate with the Holy Spirit to become more like Jesus in our everyday life. Now is a great time to join a homegroup as this will involve Sunday service, homegroups and our daily devotions.

Both services will be at Station Street.


40 Days of Real Change – important dates!

Choir rehearsal: Saturday 7th October @ 10am-12noon with Fiona.

Week 4 Sunday 8th October Choir to perform

   – sign up sheet available at church.

Drama group rehearsal: Saturday 14th October

   @ 10am-12noon with Andy.

Week 5 Sunday 15th October Drama group to perform

   – sign up sheet available at church.

Harvest: 15th October our 40 day subject will be 'Fruit' and this

   service will include our harvest, so bring any produce along that you

   have. Perishable goods will be for sale at the end of the service and

   the rest will go to the Foodbank.

Craft workshops: Saturday 21st October @ 10am with Eunice.

Week 6 Sunday 22nd October Craft Group Exhibition

   – sign up sheet available at church.

Next church meal: After the service on the 22nd October there will be

   a cooked meal at the church. Everyone is welcome and if you would

   like to join us, please book in with Lin Partis.


Events Team: E-mail:








Musical Memory Verses:

Week 1: Philippians 1 v 6 - download and listen here.

Week 2: Matthew 6 v 33 - download and listen here.

Week 3: Psalm 103 v 8

Week 4: Philippians 4 v 4

Week 5: Proverbs 18 v 10

Week 6: Psalm 23